皇冠体育app基金 is our annual primary fundraising initiative that supports our highest priorities—academic excellence, 老师的支持, athletics, 视觉及表演艺术, 金融援助, 课外经验, 学校的传统, 还有更多.


Each year, 校友的慷慨, families, and friends provides vital resources that allow our students and faculty to flourish. The collective support of our community makes a meaningful difference in the life of our school, 在蓝色大门内外拓展一切可能. Your participation signifies a shared commitment to championing our mission.



皇冠体育app基金 is the core of our day-to-day operations, and your 100% tax-deductible gift makes a Nightingale education possible for every student. We rely on gifts to the Nightingale Fund to provide immediate and vital resources that allow our students and faculty to flourish. 该基金支持学校在以下方面:


Every student and faculty member benefits when you allow Nightingale the flexibility to use your gift where and when it is needed most.


皇冠体育app基于需求的援助是全面的, accounting for costs beyond tuition and ensuring that each student has access to the same educational experience.

Erika Hageman Robinson Majesty基金

Gifts to this restricted fund directly support and strengthen the school’s diversity, equity, 以及包容性倡议.









Who Gives?

你的参与很重要! All families are encouraged to support the Nightingale Fund each year. 校友们的集体慷慨, 现在的父母, 校友的父母, 爷爷奶奶, faculty, 朋友让我们的社区蓬勃发展.

Why Give?

Annual contributions allow us to go above and beyond in supporting our highest priorities: academic excellence, 蓝色大门之外的体验, 我们优秀的师资队伍, wellness, athletics, 还有更多.


皇冠体育app基金 runs annually from July 1 through June 30. 无论你是在今天还是在一个特殊的捐赠日捐款, a gift of any size made at any time counts towards your annual participation in the Nightingale Fund.



Your donation helps provide Nightingale students with the experiences they will take with them through life.


在您的支持下, Nightingale's strategic goal of creating space for alternative instruction comes to life in classes like Business Development for the Young Entrepreneur. 十一班青年企业家 & 使用商业模式画布来开发商业宣传, creating a clear value proposition after identifying a problem in the world they’d like to address.


Varsity Swim qualified for the 2023 NYSAIS tournament, breaking Nightingale records along the way. From providing training equipment and access to athletics facilities to bolstering our devoted coaches, your support continues to champion all of our Nighthawk athletes!


In Class VIII, an ongoing study of civil rights culminates in a trip to Alabama. Students spend five days tracing the steps of changemakers in the Civil Rights Movement in conjunction with their United States History course. Your support empowers our faculty to develop critical thinkers and compassionate citizens in our 中学.


全年, Class II’s social studies lessons focus on the five boroughs of New York City, 这个特别的活动使他们的课程栩栩如生. 较低的学校 trips around NYC lend a greater appreciation of the blend of cultures in our city.


特色原创的学生编舞作品, 美国舞蹈团鼓励学生合作, 承担风险, 让他们的身心焕然一新, 创意方向. 无论是在舞台上还是在演播室里, your support provides ample opportunities for students across divisions to explore artistic avenues and hone their craft.


Your gift supports our commitment to global and cultural competency. 教室越过蓝色的门, and your support provides opportunities for our students to follow their curiosity and question circumstances beyond our walls. Through this, they become empowered leaders, critical thinkers, and agents of their own lives. 今年秋天,Ale H.P. 1926年,克莱尔. 25年,凯特·B. [25]米拉·S. 25岁,斯蒂芬妮·A. 26岁,索菲·G. '25 and two faculty members traveled to Kenya for the 2023 Round Square Conference.


Over 100 community members were welcomed through the blue doors to experience "The Classroom Revisited,"百年纪念的特别活动. The day offered a unique opportunity to attend various classes and the chance to experience the magic of a Nightingale education. 皇冠体育app基金允许我们调整我们的课程, 适应学生和社区的需求, 并吸引顶尖的教师和行政领导.


皇冠体育app基金 supports cornerstone academic programs like the 中学 Debate. 这些自我激励, dedicated debaters spend two enrichment periods each cycle performing the necessary research, 建立他们的案例, 参加实践辩论. 我们不能运行这个程序, 谁的费用包括注册费, 法官津贴, 以及教师薪酬, 没有我们慷慨捐助者的支持.



皇冠体育app基金会捐款最简单的方法. Click the link below to fill out our donate form and give today.



把对皇冠体育app的资助增加一倍或两倍! Check below or ask your employer about their matching gift program. Contact giving@meigufenxi.com 如果我们能在这个过程中帮助你.



We are grateful for the enthusiasm and commitment of our class agent volunteers. Nightingale Fund Class Agents play a vital role in helping us reach financial and participation goals each year.

参与是很容易的,可以在任何地方完成! 欲了解更多信息,请联系年度捐赠经理 梅根Sanderville.

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